Measuring sensors : T-Sensor

Measuring sensors : T-Sensor

T-Waves Technologies offers a new range of compact terahertz measuring sensors working at ambient temperature and frequencies from 0.1 THz to 10 THz.


terahertz_waves_Capteur avec boitier 72 dpi                               terahertz_waves_Capteur avec boitier + env 72 dpi


The T-sensor range demonstrates excellent response times and sensitivity.

The sensors are fully integrated with six modules: signal capture, filtering, amplification, supply, visualisation and user interface.

Two supply modes are planned: connected to the USB network or disconnected.
The second mode is used to eliminate the disturbances from the electric power supply network (USB); in this case, the sensor is powered by a set of batteries with a 24 hour power reserve.

The sensors have two outputs: SMA analog and USB numeric;
the USB interface provides access to the following information/settings:

•    Information:
–    voltage signal graphic (DC or AC) with 1 µV accuracy.
–    battery levels
•    Settings:
–    gain
–    grid voltage
–    batch size

The sensors have been designed for connection to a computer via an RS232 communication link.
They have a mini USB port, whilst the computer must have a standard USB port and operate under Windows 7 or 8.1.
The operating software works in a Labview environment.

Below, the graphic view of the main user interface menu:

teraherz_waves_user interface eng 72 dpi