Technical Day : innovative NDT methods

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  • Technical Day : innovative NDT methods
  • Floricity-ZAC des Florides Bâtiment C 5-avenue Jacqueline Auriol, 13700 Marignane
  • Marignane
  • France

Technical Day : innovative NDT methods

Organized by the Rendez-vous of mechanics, Cetim and FIM, this technical day which takes place on January 24, 2019 in Marigane, will be on the theme of new NDT technologies.

This event will be devoted in a first place to a presentation, by two experts from Cetim, classic NDT techniques used in production as well as progress in maintenance and expertise.
In a second phase, around several speakers, recent evolutions of imaging techniques as well as new applications in material characterization will be presented.
To close this day, it will be approached the place of CND in the industry of the future.

T-Waves Technologies will present an innovative terahertz imaging solution.